Lesson structure

Lynne working
In lessons we will look at how you organise yourself in activity, and this will include how you are thinking.

I will help you explore alternatives more consistent with the way you are designed to move, and more suitable for your purposes.

Many students are surprised and pleased to discover how much more easily they can move and accomplish tasks once they begin to think differently.

Exploring everyday activities, even doing something simple like sitting, in new ways, can be an exceptionally rewarding and enjoyable experience.

As well as asking questions and exploring ideas with you, I will use a gentle non-invasive manual guidance, particular to trained Alexander Teachers, which will help you let go of excessive and inappropriate muscular effort.

You do not need to wear any special sort of clothing, though you may prefer to wear something that does not restrict movement.

Lessons for Children

Children can benefit enormously from this work. In fact, it is ideal for them so that they will grow into adulthood without developing unhelpful habits. If you'd like to give your child or children the chance to see how they can benefit from this work, then please contact me to discuss which options for lessons would work best.