Why the Alexander Technique?

Lynne at work

During normal everyday life we are involved in all sorts of activities: we are more or less constantly in motion.

Many people find that they develop aches and pains, tension, stiffness and fatigue during their everyday tasks.

Living with ongoing discomfort, when there is neither injury nor illness causing the problem, is absolutely unnecessary and can seriously limit our enjoyment in life.

Through learning the Alexander Technique you will enhance your life by learning to stop making the unnecessary effort that leads to tension, stiffness and discomfort and instead perform your activities easily and effectively.

You can learn the technique as a preventive measure so that you do not go on to develop serious problems later on in life.

If you are affected by an injury or disease, then you have just as much to gain by learning how to stop causing yourself unnecessary extra problems.

Whatever your circumstances, the Alexander Technique enables you to direct yourself more effectively and you will be surprised how much more successful and fulfilling your life can be.

Learning the Alexander Technique

You can learn the Alexander Technique by taking a series of individual lessons, by learning in a group class or both.

Many students have benefited greatly from a short course of lessons but if you want to make the most of what the technique has to offer then commitment to long term lessons will give you the most opportunity for benefits.